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Our Mission Statement:

SDID provides continuing education, networking opportunities, project support, and community involvement for its members.

Our purpose is to elevate our members

  • Support professional development
  • Provide continuing education
  • Offer networking opportunities

Executive Board

The SDID Executive Board is comprised of elected volunteers who serve two-year terms to govern and develop the organization to ensure its growth and success.

Michelle Rippentrop

Michelle Rippentrop


Tori Mandel

Tori Mandel

President Elect

Teena Hogan

Teena Hogan

Past President

Hope Store

Hope Store


Tori Mandel

Jessica Driscoll


Kim Ducommun

Kim Ducommun

Program Coordinator

Kim Ducommun

Regan Stone




“NCIDQ Certification is the industry's recognized indicator of proficiency in interior design principles and a designer's commitment to the profession.

Professional interior designers who possess the NCIDQ Certification have distinguished themselves by demonstrating a specific set of core competencies, supported by verified work experience and a college degree. They have proven their expertise in understanding and applying current codes established to protect public health, safety and welfare. They are passionate about their profession and dedicated to its recognition and integrity.

The NCIDQ Examination is the broad-based exam for all interior designers and serves as the foundation from which to build for those moving into specialty design areas. NCIDQ Certification is required for the practice of many types of interior design in regulated jurisdictions throughout North America. Certification enables designers to easily validate their knowledge, experience and skill to employers and clients alike. Designers certified through the NCIDQ Examination gain wide industry visibility and recognition. They are members of a select but growing community—more than 30,000 strong—that offers the opportunity to network with other highly qualified industry experts.

The strenuous requirements of the NCIDQ Examination give clients and employers added confidence in the caliber of work from NCIDQ Certified designers. The exam covers seven areas that capture the core competencies of interior design: building systems, codes, construction standards, contract administration, design application, professional practice and project coordination. The exam’s contents are regularly updated to ensure they reflect the most current knowledge required to design safe, functional and innovative interior spaces.” (Source:

For this & more information, please visit

Interior Design

“Interior design encompasses the analysis, planning, design, documentation, and management of interior non-structural/non-seismic construction and alteration projects in compliance with applicable building design and construction, fire, life-safety, and energy codes, standards, regulations, and guidelines for the purpose of obtaining a building permit, as allowed by law. Qualified by means of education, experience, and examination, interior designers have a moral and ethical responsibility to protect consumers and occupants through the design of code-compliant, accessible, and inclusive interior environments that address well-being, while considering the complex physical, mental, and emotional needs of people.” (Source:

Full Definition of Interior Design (download PDF)


Laura Hosman Professionalism Award

In the year 1999, South Dakota Interior Designers created an award to be presented to an outstanding individual who puts forth extra time and effort in making SDID and its activities successful. Nominated by her colleagues, Laura Hosman was the first recipient of this award.

With Laura’s passing, SDID changed the name of this award to the Laura Hosman Professionalism Award. Laura embodied the energy and spirit behind this award that was so appropriately renamed in her honor. She was also a founder of the South Dakota Interior Designers and led the organization, in all aspects, with her knowledge and leadership skills.

As of 2018, Architecture Incorporated has transitioned this from an award to support of continuing education at the annual SDID Design Exposition.

Past Award Recipients

2016 – Michelle Rippentrop
2015 - Alanna Eggers
2014 - Kay Schwartz
2013 - Van Singrey
2012 - Kim Ducommun
2011 - Karen Mutschelknaus

2010 - Jill Peltier
2009 - Kelli Mitzel
2008 - Marcia Young
2007 - Amy Hennen
2006 - Darla Jacobson
2005 - Teena Hogan

2004 - Jessica Driscoll
2003 - Glenda Schmid
2002 - Verlyn Larsen
2001 - Kristi Christensen
2000 - Lenae Schwartz
1999 - Laura Hosman

Past Presidents

2021 – Marcia Young
2020 - Amanda Gilliland
2019 - Michelle Rippentrop
2018 - Jill Peltier
2017 - Dallas Willman
2016 – Kay Schwartz
2015 - Van Singrey
2014 - Michelle Rippentrop
2013 - Glenda Schmid
2012 - Jill Peltier

2011 - Renee Henderson
2010 - Dana Sandene
2009 - Marcia Young
2008 - Amy Hennen
2007 - Melissa Nelson
2006 - Jessica Driscoll
2005 - Sherry Long
2004 - Nichole Johnson
2003 - Kim Ducommun
2002 - Darla Jacobson

2001 - Verlyn Larsen
2000 - Kristi Christensen
1999 - Kelli Mitzel
1998 - Jill Peltier
1997 - Patti Abdallah
1996 - Lenae Schwartz
1995 - Lenae Schwartz
1994 - Elise Whitwam
1993 - Paula Kruetzfeldt
1992 - Laura Hosman

Presidents serve a total of a 3-year term: President Elect, President & Past President. President Elect organizes the SDID design exposition, President oversees membership & monthly board meetings & Past President serves in an advisory capacity to the executive board.

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